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Diego Dalla Palma Ultra Performing Foundation Sponge

Diego Dalla Palma Ultra Performing Foundation Sponge

This Ultra Performing Foundaiton Sponge by Diego Dalla Palma is a spherical foundation sponge with a pointed end, which looks similar to the (much raved about) Beauty Blender sponge, but doesn’t carry the heavy price tag!  I have found that this is great for applying liquid foundation and it makes it really, really easy to get a smooth application – no more buffing with a brush necessary!  Its a pretty bright pink colour and comes in a handy zip-lock bag, which is useful for clean storage and it only costs £5! As suggested on the packaging, I rinse it under water before use (this expands the sponge), I then use a blotting motion to apply foundation evenly, alternating between the rounded end for the general all over application, then using the pointy end to get into small crevasses of my face around my nose and eyes, then I quickly wash it with a normal baby shampoo and leave it out to dry (which takes a few hours).  I am hoping I will find something similar in Boots / Superdrug (rather than having to order over the internet again) when I need a replacement.  The last time I used a sponge for foundation application I was about 15 and remember they would flake and fall apart pretty quickly, but this is really holding up well and I don’t think I’ll have to get a replacement for a while at least (I have been using this when I use liquid foundation for about 6-8 weeks so far).  For the price I think this is great, I personally would’t spend £20 on a Beauty Blender and this design is so similar I have trouble imaging how the Beauty Blender is any better?  I would definitely recommend this type of sponge and plan on buying another! What do you think? Is the Beauty Blender in a class of its own, or is this cheep and cheerful alternative worth the £15 saving?  Catch you later, Sarah xx

Avene Ystheal+ Emulsion

The Avene Ystheal+ range has been my first experience of using chemical exfoliators (the range contains Retinol) and I have been using this Emulsion for the last month or so in my night time skin care regime.  It is specifically geared towards those of us with oily / combination skin, with a lighter emulsion/fluid consistency.  It promises that ‘day after day, lines and wrinkles are smoothed away’.  Well for the first week or two all I had was day after day of breakouts, especially around my chin – not great and I was really, really disappointed! I don’t really ever get lots of breakouts (mainly white heads on my chin and jawline) and I was a bit worried this might have been the sign of things to come.  I perservered through by holing myself up in the house and slapping on as much concealer as I could get away with and finally (after about two weeks) came out of the other end.  With my skin now cleared up I have been seeing some good results, in terms of skin texture and a reduction in the appearance of uneven skin tone around my cheek / jaw area.  I don’t have any real problems with wrinkles and lines on my face yet, apart from a couple frown marks on my forehead, these have improved a little since using this, but the biggest difference is just seeing how much my skin is glowing at the moment from the imrpoved texture.  At the moment I am using it every other night after cleansing / toning my skin without applying moisturizer afterwards, then on my ‘night off’ I’m using a regular night cream – this seems to be the best combination for me. 

The Ystheal+ Emulsion costs about 20Euro and contains 30ml of product (ingredients shown below).  The tube actually comes with its own individual use by date, which is useful (also imprinted on the base of the box it comes in).  The packaging is nice and simple and importantly, it keeps the product air tight.  I think I am sold on this chemical exfoliator lark and have actually ordered the (much loved by bloggers everywhere) Alpha H Liquid Gold for when the Avene runs out.  I do like this, and would go back if I couldn’t find something better, but at the moment I am happy to have a look at whats out there… OK I admit I’m a beauty magpie : there will always be something out there which is the new best thing since sliced bread!  What I can say is that the Avene has not put me off trying this type of product and for that I am happy!   Do you use this type of face product, maybe you have used this and the Alpha H? Any comparisons or tips out there?  Comments or questions are always welcomed, just click the comments tab below!  Catch you later, Sarah xx

Avene Ystheal+ Eye Contour Care

I am finally dipping my toes into the big bad world of chemical exfoliants and I’ll be completely honest, this is a subject that I know very little about and only started researching just before I bought my first couple of bits from Avene.  The Ystheal+ Eye Contour Care is a gel-cream which is supposed to ‘smooth away lines and wrinkles of the eye area for a more youthful look’.  I have been using this for about a month in conjunction with my normal night routine and so far I’m not really seeing any miracle results.  Although I don’t have really bad lines round my eyes yet, I do have a couple of ever deepening laughter lines and two crows feet on either side as well and this cream hasn’t really helped with them unfortunately. 

The Ystheal+ line is meant for the first signs of aging and is not as strong as the alternative Eluage creams available from Avene which are designed for deeper wrinkles.  I would normally think about taking the step up to the stronger stuff, but I have experienced some soreness while using this Ystheal+ eye contour gel, (which contains Retinol).  So I am unable to use this daily and instead use it every other night and a night cream on my days off.  Using it part-time I have not been suffering the soreness like when I first started using it as part of my daily routinem, but even so this is still not helping with the lines!   I have been using this with the Ystheal+ Emulsion (review to come), which I have actually been having good results , so I’m unsure why the eye cream from the same line is not working so well??  I don’t know.  Either way the search for the perfect eye cream continues…

This retails for about 17Euro and contains a fairly standard 15ml (ingredients shown below).  The tube actually comes with it’s own use by date, which is useful (also imprinted on the base of the box it comes in).  The packaging is nice and simple and importantly, it keeps the product air tight, so it will keep it from going off quickly (which I know a lot of people worry about when it comes to creams in jars).  It’s not the most expensive eye cream in the world, but its not cheap either and it hasn’t worked for me in the ‘reducing fine lines’ department, so I won’t be repurchasing when it runs out!  Do you have any recommendations for a decent anti-aging eye cream (for the first signs of aging)?  If so, please feel free to share below 🙂 – I’m always on the prowl for the next good thing!   Any comments, or questions are welcome, just click on the comment tab below!  Catch you later, Sarah xx.

June 2012 Favourites

This months favourites were a bit easy actually, in comparison to last month when everything seemed to end up in it!  This month I have mainly make-up and one skin care item, all of these I have been using consistently and my morning routine has been really sped up because I know exactly what I’m going for to get the best ‘natural tan with hint of colour’ look. So without further ado, let’s get to it…

As you can I’m still loving the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in Milk Chocolate, this whole month I have used it practically everyday with my much loved Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel – a great pairing while the sun is out! 

Also, I have been using the MAC Posey nearly every day this month, paired with MAC Chatterbox on the lips – this just really works with the tanned look the Chanel and Too Faced give me. 

And to apply both the cream products I have rekindled a passion for my duo fibre brushes (my MAC 188 and 187 for bronzer and the Sigma F40 for the cream blush) which all work great with the cream products and create a really effortless even application. 

I haven’t really had one specific eye product which I have loved and used consistently this month, but I have been mainly having minimal eye makeup in favour of the brighter colours on my cheeks and lips (hence no eye products this month). 

My tip top skin care item this month is the Yes to Tomatoes Face Mask, which I have been using every other evening just before bed to help reduce the oiliness on my T-zone during the hotter summer months – due to the clay consistency it really helps and my skin (with the help of a few other changes I have made to my routine recently) is looking great  :).   Well that’s June done,  by the time you’re reading this, we are set up back in the UK and no doubt without the sun my routine will have to change once again! Ho humm … lets see what July gives us.  Catch you later,  Sarah xx

MAC Prolonger Wear Lipstick: You’re Prefect Already

I’m gonna hold my hands up and say this:  I bought this lipstick after a mad traffic accident in Geneva a couple of weeks ago (crazy french driver running a red light into me – joy!).  I was in town and had already decided that was the day to spend up all the vouchers which the boyfriend had saved up (from a credit card incentive scheme) for one of the larger department stores.  So slightly dazed after the car had been towed and I was left to find my own way home, I bought a couple of things including this Pro Longwear Lipcreme in You’re Perfect Already, which was part of the recent Beth Ditto Collection… the other items I got that day I am entirely happy with, but this, I really don’t know what I was thinking, or maybe I can.  

I mean it looks so nice in the swatch but when I wear it, it makes me look like a corpse, like all the creamy powder pinks lipsticks in the world seem to do (again, What Was I Thinking?)!  As you can see on the swatch this is a semi-matte, opaque slightly cool toned baby/powder pink.  In order to pull this off I have to apply to the lips (and yes it does show up every line on my lips) and then work with my fingers to get an even coverage by dabbing at it until the bulk of the opaqueness is gone and you can see some of my lip colour behind it (trying to make me look less corpse-y).  This reminds me strongly of those 60’s pink lips ladies you see in old movies and TV clips and I don’t think that look will ever suit me just because my lips are so naturally pigmented that I’m not used to essentially blanking that out.  If you like that blanked out – nude lip look then I would suggest going to check this out, the nearest thing I have in terms of colour is MACs Creme Cup, which is slightly more pink and doesn’t show up so nude on me (good!).  I can get along with this being used in conjunction with lippies such as Creme Cup and MACs Chatterbox, the matte finish does increase the longevity of other lipsticks, but I think for the price I don’t want to work at making something work.  So a bit of a miss rather than a hit and the wrong choice on my part!

This cost me 32 CHF (although I used vouchers, so it’s not too harsh for such an epic fail) and it contains 3.6g of product (ingredients shown below).  Obviously I won’t be getting this one again and I’ll be trying to steer clear of this type of shade range.  I think I’ll be trying out the formula again but in something which suits me better as the Pro Longwear Lipcreme formula was a nice consistancy (not too thick), didn’t dry my lips too badly and had good staying power.   If you have any questions or comments, just click the comments tab below!  Or you can get posts emailed to you by following the blog (click the tab above)!  Catch you later, Sarah xx

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